Welcome To St Nicholas Cathedral

The history of the Cathedral located in Los Angeles, California is truly a story of people of vision, courage, dedication, leadership, and religious conviction. It is the story of the needs of many Orthodox families who had settled in the greater Los Angeles area since the turn of the twentieth century. It is a story of those who had devoted their lives to the service of our community, of leaders who are no longer with us, but who shall always remain dear in our hearts because of their wisdom, love and accomplishments. Their legacy continues today.

Typical Service Schedule
7:45am - Divine Liturgy in Spanish
9:15am - Orthros (Matins)
10:30am - Divine Liturgy
6:00pm - Great Vespers
Eve of Feast
6:30pm - Vesperal Divine Liturgy of the Feast

We traditionally hold a Vesperal Divine Liturgy on the eve of Great Feasts or feasts of special commemoration at our Cathedral.  These schedules are subject to change and details will be provided in the weekly bulletin and calendar.


On some occasions, when the feast day is adjoining a Sunday we may transfer the feast to the Sunday.  Please see the bulletin and the Cathedral calendar for current schedule.

Special COVID-19 Instructions

Please remember to maintain sufficient distance between your household and others. Your family may all sit together, if you live in the same house, but please keep six feet distance between yourself and members of other households.  Remember too that masks are required. Be sure to wear them in a way that covers your nose and mouth fully. Not wearing masks or wearing them incorrectly makes other people feel uncomfortable and unsafe. Let us practice this important courtesy to others who may have health issues and for everyone’s comfort and peace of mind.

Holy Communion is the “medicine of immortality,” given “for the remission of sins, for healing of soul and body and for life everlasting.” Please approach the chalice with mouth wide open and head tilted back. This will allow the priest or deacon to insert the spoon, turn it over in your mouth and pull it out without touching your tongue or lips.

Venerate icons or the gospel book or the cross with just a ‘gesture,’ but do not actually touch the item with your lips or hand. While the Greek word in the Bible for veneration literally means to “approach and kiss,” for now, approach as if to kiss, but then back away. The same goes for the priest’s hand.  For receiving the antidoron (blessed bread) after Holy Communion and at the dismissal cup your hands together, and the priest (at dismissal) or an assistant (after Communion) will drop a piece of the blessed bread in them.

St Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral
2300 W 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA  90057

(213) 382-6269

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