Request Holy Oblations
Holy Oblations

Please use the following form to request prayers for your family, friends, or loved ones.  You may also use this form to request that a Trisagion Service for the Departed by offered after the Divine Liturgy on Sunday corresponding to the third, ninth, fortieth or annual commemortion of the falling asleep of your loved ones.

Please be sure to get your requests into the office by the Wednesday prior to the Sunday you with the commemorations made to allow us time to include the informaiton in our weekly bulletin.

While we are encouraged to pray for all people at all times, please note that the purpose of this page is to allow members of the St Nicholas Cathedral Community to request prayers for their family and friends.


General Information
Date Oblations will be offered:
I will be offering (check all that apply):
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I will bring prosphora to church:
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Public Commemorations

Please list the full Christian name (not nickname), the relationship to you and the occasion (or special need) for each person you would like commemorated in the box below.

For the health of:
You are automatically included.

Please list the full Christian name (not nickname), relationship to you, how long they have been departed (typically 3-day, 9-day, 40-day, 1-year memorials and on the anniversary of the person's repose).

In memory of:
Others (to be commemorated at the Proskomide)

These will be remembered at the altar during the preparation of the Holy Gifts.  Feel free to include as  any as you with:  parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, godchildren, godparents, etc.

First names of the living:
First names of the departed:



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