St Demetrius
St Demetrios

St. Demetrius lived in early 4th-century Thessalonica. Emperor Galerius Maximian appointed him proconsul to eradicate Christianity not suspecting that by appointing Demetrius, the Emperor had provided a way for him to lead many people to Christ. The rage of the Emperor, after finding out about St. Demetrius, knew no bounds, and he decided to massacre the Christians. St. Demetrius distributed his wealth to the poor and began to pray and fast, preparing himself for martyrdom. At dawn on October 26, 306 A. D. soldiers appeared in the saint’s underground prison and ran him through with lances. The blood-soaked garment of St. Demetrius and his imperial ring from his finger healed the infirm. During the reign of St. Constantine (306-337 A.D.), a church was built over the grave of St. Demetrius. A hundred years later, the incorrupt relics of the holy martyr were uncovered. Since the seventh century, a miraculous flow of fragrant myrrh has been found beneath the crypt of the Great Martyr Demetrius, so he is called “the Myrrh-streaming.” St. Demetrius is commemorated on October 26.

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